From Farm to Dining Room Table

Lightly frying fresh farm eggs with the kettle on, it’s Sunday morning and I’m coordinating the same weekend brunch I’ve been cooking for almost five years now. As soon as I finish slicing up a fresh loaf of sourdough and mashing up the avocado, I scour Pinterest and start to plan out what meals might look like for the rest of the week. I take requests from the Bee on what he’s been craving lately. We don’t have many routines, but this is one of them. The weekend eggs and avocado brunch is a long standing favorite in our household. I love cooking with simple ingredients and London life sort of lends itself to that. Flats are petite and come with little to no fridge and storage space, forcing you to shop weekly versus stocking up frozen produce.


This weekend’s food conversation is unlike most conversations we’ve had around the topic and this is what it’s been like ever since we decided to go meat-free in July. This means no pork, chicken, turkey, red meat or game. To be honest, I have no idea whether being Pescatarian will be shortly lived or more of a permanent lifestyle change, we’re taking it day by day! Also, I love traditional meals and am a bit panicky at the thought of not being able to cook a turkey at Thanksgiving.

Burrata cheese with garden peas and roasted pistachios at Legs Restaurant.

With the exception being those grand celebratory feasts rich in tradition that I always look forward to, a lot of my own food inspiration comes from chefs and cooks who are inventive in their approach to cooking, who rely on what’s in season to develop their recipes. Like the exquisite dish my friend Ella and I recently tasted at Legs Restaurant in East London. Created by the talented Australian Chef Magnus Reid, he offers a daily-changing menu in a small, unassuming wine bar out in Hackney. Paired with a glass of the spiciest wine unlike anything I’ve ever tasted, we tried the burrata on a plate piled high with fresh garden peas and roasted pistachios. Or this group of ambitious Miami chefs I had the chance to write about recently for Travelspective on how they work with their local farmer to bring in the freshest produce to their kitchens.

All of this and more inspired me to order my first Farmdrop, a locally-based company that delivers fresh food to your door from local producers. It’s fresher than buying from your local supermarket as they pick up your foods from a local farmer and deliver it straight to you within 19 hours. Prices are cheaper or competitive with your local grocer. They offer a lot of simple recipes on their website too and I opted for trying out the Sweetcorn & Feta Fritters as well as their Tomato & Thyme Tart, both were delightful and tasted so fresh. You can get these recipes and more on their website. If you’re locally based and would like to give Farmdrop a go, head on over to their website and at checkout, use the code FARMOLOGY to get £20 off your first order of £35 or more.




Sweetcorn & Feta Fritters, recipe at Farmdrop.



Tomato & Thyme Tart from Farmdrop.

One thought on “From Farm to Dining Room Table

  1. Mmm, it all looks good! I miss having quality fresh produce, particularly quality organic vegetables that don’t taste like cardboard. Looking forward to seeing more of your meat-free culinary adventures Christina 🙂


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