A quintessentially British and dog-friendly afternoon tea

It doesn’t take much convincing to go out and enjoy afternoon tea at the Egerton House, a luxury hotel with history that dates back to 1627. So when my lovely pal Emma of the brilliant Adventures of a London Kiwi  blog suggested we meet to experience high tea in their elegant and dog-friendly Drawing Room, I marked the date in my diary and organised the appropriate attire for Olly: a blue bow tie courtesy of Matt’s closet. It wasn’t long before the day arrived and so with the pitter patter of some very posh paws, we made our way over to London’s stylish Knightsbridge district to experience what it is like to have afternoon tea accompanied by your furry friend.


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Life on the road: Driving the Emerald Isle

The promise of spring has put a pep in my step and a recent road trip through southwest Ireland has me inspired to start planning out more stories for Olly and the Bee. But first, I hope you enjoy this witty little post written by the Bee who was equally inspired after returning home from our little adventures abroad with Olly.


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Spice up your life with this easy pumpkin cheesecake recipe

It’s November 4th and It finally feels like fall. While it does mean shorter days with less sunshine, it compensates with a cold crisp air and golden leaves that tumble through the streets catching the tip of Olly’s nose. Maybe because I grew up in a climate that’s perpetually hot and sticky, summer is my least favorite of all the seasons. In contrast, fall comes with a sense of feeling reborn. When I was young, I eagerly anticipated the start of fall as it signified the start of a new school year, a fresh perspective on new beginnings, something that year after year still rings true through today. As the leaves fall, I feel renewed in every possible way. And as it specifically relates to food, it gets me excited to whip up something delicious with this season’s most delicious produce on offer, understandably starting with pumpkin.


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From Farm to Dining Room Table

Lightly frying fresh farm eggs with the kettle on, it’s Sunday morning and I’m coordinating the same weekend brunch I’ve been cooking for almost five years now. As soon as I finish slicing up a fresh loaf of sourdough and mashing up the avocado, I scour Pinterest and start to plan out what meals might look like for the rest of the week. I take requests from the Bee on what he’s been craving lately. We don’t have many routines, but this is one of them. The weekend eggs and avocado brunch is a long standing favorite in our household. I love cooking with simple ingredients and London life sort of lends itself to that. Flats are petite and come with little to no fridge and storage space, forcing you to shop weekly versus stocking up frozen produce.


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Summer Picnic Dreams

A few weeks ago, our furbaby Olly ended up getting stung by a bee on our walk back home. Yes, I’m aware of the strong irony here…

While he’s completely recovered now, cravings for honey hit me hard. I’ve even had DREAMS of this sumptuous spread paired with fromage on freshly baked artisan bread – it’s my summer obsession, and I can’t get enough of it!

photo 7

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July 4th feast: Pulled pork, baked beans & potato salad with Lynchburg lemonade

Growing up in Florida and having lived in England for nearly three years now, I’ve had my fill of ‘firsts’ and it sure does keep things exciting. It’s a good laugh for the people around me, and I like to think it keeps things interesting. Like celebrating my first UK pancake day with my brother-in-laws and cooking them the only way I knew how – big, thick American diner-style portions piled high with whipped cream, syrup and Nutella. If you’re British or live in the UK, you’re probably shaking your head right now… or salivating.

photo 8

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