Summer Picnic Dreams

A few weeks ago, our furbaby Olly ended up getting stung by a bee on our walk back home. Yes, I’m aware of the strong irony here…

While he’s completely recovered now, cravings for honey hit me hard. I’ve even had DREAMS of this sumptuous spread paired with fromage on freshly baked artisan bread – it’s my summer obsession, and I can’t get enough of it!

photo 7

So what to do then? Prepare a summer picnic (obviously) starring this unpasteurized raw artisan honey I found in Putney Market, handmade in Hungary. Specifically, unpasteurized honey is an antioxidant and in general is packed with a ton of nutrients so you need not feel guilty for having it, like everything else, within moderation! I like to drizzle it over my morning granola, and lately, I’ve topped off my brie on bread with it. The forest flowers used by this small producer are said to also help with insomnia so it’s a nice honey to take with your bedtime tea too.

photo 3

For me, the simplicity of brie on bread with honey is the perfect way to taste each of these flavors and if you’re as crazy about them as I am, it’s an absolute textural delight. It pairs nicely with Champagne or Prosecco with a splash of honeysuckle or elderflower cordial – whatever you fancy for your aperitif!

photo 5

photo 4

photo 8

photo 2

*The honey bear pictured with Olly is also from Raw Artisan Honey and you can purchase him as well as other cute jars of honey online from their website – the honey bear NOT the dog. 😉

Pack this simple summer picnic:

One jar of locally produced unpasteurized honey
Brie cheese – I prefer a smooth and soft brie with an edible rind. More cheese that way!
Sourdough bread (I buy Gail’s potato & rosemary sourdough bread via Waitrose.)
Champagne with honeysuckle and grapefruit cordial, or your own fizz and cordial of choice

If you’re at home:

Slice your bread and spread with butter. Top with the brie, honey, salt and pepper. Heat up in toaster oven for about 5 minutes for melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness!

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