Spice up your life with this easy pumpkin cheesecake recipe

It’s November 4th and It finally feels like fall. While it does mean shorter days with less sunshine, it compensates with a cold crisp air and golden leaves that tumble through the streets catching the tip of Olly’s nose. Maybe because I grew up in a climate that’s perpetually hot and sticky, summer is my least favorite of all the seasons. In contrast, fall comes with a sense of feeling reborn. When I was young, I eagerly anticipated the start of fall as it signified the start of a new school year, a fresh perspective on new beginnings, something that year after year still rings true through today. As the leaves fall, I feel renewed in every possible way. And as it specifically relates to food, it gets me excited to whip up something delicious with this season’s most delicious produce on offer, understandably starting with pumpkin.


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